All of the following designs & artworks are the property of Dwain Coleman Jr.

Project Brief:

Promotional Flyer

Client's Goal: Feminae DJ Chyper, an all-women creative collective, approached me with a unique vision for their upcoming event for an all women's DJ Chyper. They sought a design that would embody an "airy" and "girly" aesthetic while paying homage to the strength, creativity, and empowerment of women in the creative industry. The challenge was to strike a balance between a playful, cartoonish style and a representation that respected the power and artistry of the collective.

My Contribution: To translate the client's vision into a visual masterpiece, I embarked on a creative journey that began with sketching and conceptualizing the artwork. Collaboration with the collective was paramount, as I aimed to gain a deeper understanding of their individual and collective stories, aspirations, and the energy they wished to convey. I carefully crafted the artwork to reflect the vibrant and playful side of their music while maintaining a sense of empowerment. The final piece encapsulated the lively atmosphere of a DJ performance, highlighting the distinct personalities of each DJ in a cartoonish style. It was crucial to convey the unity and strength of the collective while celebrating their unique identities.

Project Brief:

Album Artwork + Content

Client's Goal: The client approached me with a unique vision for their upcoming album artwork. They desired a captivating piece that would evoke the charm of animation while maintaining a hand-drawn aesthetic. The objective was to create album art that not only represented their music but also told a compelling visual story that resonated with their audience. 

My Contribution: To bring the client's vision to life, I embarked on a creative journey that began with sketching and conceptualizing the design. I delved deep into understanding the artist/band's narrative, seeking to grasp the essence of their music and the story they wished to convey through the artwork. This involved extensive collaboration and communication with the client to ensure their aspirations were reflected in the final piece. I meticulously crafted the artwork, paying attention to every detail to ensure it seamlessly blended the animated charm with the desired hand-drawn aesthetic. Throughout the process, I remained dedicated to maintaining the artistic integrity of the project.

Project Brief:

Company Rebrand 

Client's Goal: No BAN, a dynamic music collective specializing in promoting emerging musicians and artists, approached me for a comprehensive rebranding project. Their aim was to create a fresh and appealing identity that resonated with their target audience, showcased their diverse podcast topics, and established a strong online presence. They envisioned a complete transformation, including a new logo, brand colors, custom font, and templates for social media content. Additionally, they sought promotional materials for their grand opening and upcoming events.

My Contribution: I spearheaded the comprehensive rebrand of the No BAN Company, providing them with a fresh and engaging identity. This included a new logo, versatile alternate logos for various podcast topics, a custom font, and a brand color swatch to ensure consistency. I also designed social media content templates to enhance their online presence. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in launching their business by creating eye-catching posters and flyers for their grand opening and promotional events, generating significant excitement and a strong initial presence in the market.

Project Brief:

Album Artwork + Rollout + Content

Client's Goal: The Man From Winterhill, a musical project with a unique blend of sounds, approached me with the ambitious goal of creating an immersive album experience. They wanted an album cover that would serve as a captivating gateway to their music and a cohesive visual identity for their project. Additionally, they sought promotional content that would build excitement and intrigue around their music, including posters for a city-wide campaign in Atlanta.

My Contribution:
It began with crafting a captivating album cover that not only represented the essence of their music but also served as a visual narrative. I designed alternate covers to provide variety and enhance the album's visual appeal.

In addition to the album art, I created a distinctive logo that encapsulated the project's identity, character design that resonated with the music, and engaging social media content that built anticipation for the release. To support their promotional efforts, I designed eye-catching posters tailored for a city-wide campaign in Atlanta, ensuring maximum visibility and excitement surrounding their music.

Project Brief:

Album Artwork + Content

Client's Goal: The client envisioned an album cover that would evoke the dynamic and vibrant energy of a comic book, yet with a contemporary twist. The objective was to create a visual narrative that resonated with their music and the distinct personalities of the group members.

My Contribution: The process began with a meticulous design approach, crafting characters that not only represented the individuality of each group member but also harmonized with the group's collective identity. I carefully curated a visual narrative, ensuring that every element of the artwork spoke to the unique sound and style of the Group. The result was an album cover that encapsulated the essence of their music and their vibrant personalities, while the comic book-inspired design added a touch of nostalgia and intrigue.

Project Brief:

Promotional Flyer + Content

Client's Goal:Frioo's Funday's, an event series known for its lively and engaging gatherings, enlisted my expertise to create promotional flyers and social media content for their events and the various contributors involved. The objective was to craft visually captivating materials that would not only attract attendees but also highlight the unique atmosphere and excitement of each event.

My Contribution: I took on the role of crafting vibrant and engaging promotional materials that would resonate with event-goers. This encompassed designing eye-catching flyers that captured the essence of each event, emphasizing the entertainment, music, and the diverse contributors involved.

In addition to the promotional flyers, I created a series of dynamic social media content pieces. These materials served as teasers and engaging posts, building anticipation and excitement for the upcoming events. I carefully curated content that reflected the lively and fun-filled nature of Frioo's Funday's, helping them connect with their audience on various online platforms.