Dwain Coleman Jr., best known as Theylovefrioo, is a more than exceptional artist. There are no limits to his creativity. Visually, his brand showcases his illustrative art style; a combination of child-like imagination and the sophisticated execution of a skilled proffesional. The music he creates is laced with the qualities of experimentation, storytelling, and grandioseness. In all outlets, Dwain’s creative direction consistently displays his artisic skills; even in the art of modeling. 

    Throughout his life, Dwain has always been in love with the expressivness of art. What called to him most was illustrating. This led him to wanting to pursue the career of a “drawer” at an early age. However, by the time he got to highschool, he was taught the art of graphic design. Here, he would put his skills to the test by curating his first ever clothing brand. He fluorished in this, yet continued to expand and found himself immersed in the creation of music. As a result, he blended all of his skills together to build the Theylovefrioo© brand we know today.

    Throughout his career, Dwain hopes to leave an impact on the kids who want to be kids. Within the same hand, he wants people to never limit their pyche, creatvity, or their life, and hopes that his influnce is recognized by those who enjoy his work. 

“Making art is the only way to truly be yourself, and children are the greatest examples of being yourself.” -  Dwain C.

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